Sculptural Embroidery – Itamar Yehiel / September 27th- Nov 26th , 2022

Itamar Yehiel

Ausstellung vom 25.02.2024 bis 25.02.2024

Über die Ausstellung

Itamar Yehiel / Sculptural Embroidery
For thousands of years, humanity has been telling stories with needle and thread. Embroidery is in almost every culture, on every continent – a global craft.
Now I use this craft, which exists in our DNA, to tell my own story, and perhaps yours too, as members of a society that is getting more and more global.
By using freehand machine embroidery and hand stitching, I represent natural objects and try to capture the fragile and vulnerable; the rigid and stable – all through the use of thread.
The embroideries float above the surface and invite you to dive into the subject’s beauty and details, exploring the possibilities each material
embodies floods the imagination.
The combination of realism and illusion, object and empty space, light and shadow, decay and rebirth, invoke multi-layered stories that touch
different moments and elements in our lives.

Über den Künstler

„Itamar Yehiel (IL, 1984).“ Self-thought artist. After traveling in the world for more than 10 years, exploring nature, indigenous cultures, and traditional crafts, Itamar arrived in Berlin and started working on a unique embroidery technique that combines traditional crafts and modern materials and ideas, to create 3-dimensional embroidered objects inspired by nature.
Itamar Yehiel (IL, 1984). Autodidaktischer Künstler. Nachdem er mehr als 10 Jahre lang durch die Welt gereist war, um die Natur, indigene Kulturen und traditionelles Kunsthandwerk zu erforschen, kam Itamar nach Berlin und begann, an einer einzigartigen Sticktechnik zu arbeiten, die traditionelles Kunsthandwerk mit modernen Materialien und Ideen verbindet, um dreidimensionale, von der Natur inspirierte Stickobjekte zu schaffen.

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