„Big City Stories“_ April 4th – May 39th, 2023

Alex Hüfner

Ausstellung vom 22.05.2023 bis 19.05.2024

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Über die Ausstellung

The „Big City Stories“ series shows the city’s famous landmarks merged with colorful, provocative and expressive street art images from all over the world.

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Über den Künstler

Alex Hüfner ( @echt_Berlin ) is a real Berlin plant, having grown up in the streets of the city. As a photographer and traveler, he became an observer of Berlin’s cultural history, from the 1980s to the present day.
„echt-berlin“ is a combination of city photography and international urban street art. Originating from the heart, the project has developed into a true passion. In the series, the city’s famous landmarks merge with colorful, provocative, and expressive street art images from all over the world.

Using the tools of modern image editing and photography, the artist creates a visual monument to his hometown. The result is compositions of visual stories that anyone – walking through the city with their eyes open – can see, touch and feel. Each of these stories has a connection to the artist’s life. They tell of melancholy and love in a formerly divided city, the weird 80s, the fall of the Wall, the techno revolution, and much more. They are his personal big-city stories.